Who We Are

Established Aran CO-LTD For General Trading and Contracting and Investment in 1998 in the center of Erbil and headquarters company located in the province of Irbil, with branches in other inside Iraq, including Baghdad, and Dohuk and Sulimany and in Amman /Jordan.

 Our Target

The target of the company is the recovery and stimulate reconstruction in Iraq, according to development plans.

Our Activities

The activities of the company is doing work on the establishment and expansion of types of buildings, roads, bridges, irrigation and drainage projects, ports and water and sewage and other construction works and other company in access to the expertise and the high level of modern technology in the reconstruction process any level comparable to international companies and hope in the use of manpower Iraqi people of our country to enable them to live in prosperity and a dignified life.

What We Do

Since the liberation of Iraq, our company where he worked with the coalition forces from the beginning of operations, Until now, through the united with the{ K.R.A organization} Mr. Kamal M Qarani became General Director for these Organization constructions and multiple assets so as to facilitate them to enter into business several This enables Construction entry in several areas to enable the company interaction and participation in all types of government tenders and local organizations and foreign.