Aran Auto for cars trading and renting cars, established in 1998 in the center of Erbil and the company’s HQ is located in the province of Irbil, with branches in other inside Iraq, including Baghdad, and Dohuk and Sulaymaniyah.

Our focus is selling new cars of all types, Armored SUV cars and Heavy Equipment.

Aran Auto is the EXCLUSIVE dealer for SUZUKI CARS for the Kurdistan Region.

We are ready to provide any business in Oil & Gas Sector, Security Sector and others with AROURMED Vehicles.

We provide all types of cars for rent, along with all types of Heavy Equipment, to both the local and foreign companies inside Iraq.

We have worked with security companies, and we supported the Iraqi Army, in beginning the liberation of Iraq, our company collaborated with the Iraqi forces and USA Army.

National companies we have worked with:

  • Company (SNS) support marine Saudi Arabia.
  • A group (D.L.S.S) America.
  • Turkish company loyalty.
  • Chinese trading company Haiyan.
  • Company (S.E.M) Chinese.
  • Company (GSCS) General Contracting States.
  • SAFCO Saudi Company.
  • Oman Aboud Company for General trading cars.
  • R.A Iraqi Organization

Aran Auto Projects:

  • Transfer of foodstuffs from Mosul to Dohuk governorate, with the WFP Organization
  • Transfer of foodstuffs within the province of Kurdistan.
  • University Professors transfer within Erbil and its suburbs, with the ministry of Education
  • Providing all type of vehicles & machines for S.N.S companies (Saudi Arabia in Baghdad and other governorates)
  • Providing equipment for Camp Taji food for the crisis.
  • Providing police cars for (GSCS) American Company
  • Providing heavy Crain and other vehicles basin to (DLSS) America.