Company Cadres


The company consists of the authorized and assistant director and the elite of engineers with all the specialties required by the company, in addition to the legal adviser, the accountant and the rest of the staff to manage the company. 

  1. Architect
  2. civil engineer
  3. Mechanical Engineer
  4. Space engineer
  5. Technicians
  6. Accountants
  7. Administrators
  8. Legal
  9. Skilled workers

Company Structure

Administration and Management


Our company is keen to fulfill the requirements of our customers in the best way by operating teams of highly qualified and long experience in various disciplines including administrative, construction, architecture, civil engineering, electrical engineering as well as mechanical engineering.

The team is supported by a number of technical observers and supervisors of workers and painters specialists, which helps to meet the requirements and technical requirements for projects quickly and efficiently, and the possibility of preparing drawings and designs within the company as requested by customers. All this makes us confident of the implementation and completion of projects in full, according to the highest levels of quality and mastery.



The presence of company with large banking facilities, governmental and foreign expenses as well as the existence of external relations and memorandum of understanding with some known international companies.



To establish good relations and excellent in terms of the contracting sector with the parties that we deal with them for the purpose of reaching the best performance and provide a high level of service to raise the highest grades for the success of projects in any location and to contribute effectively to the campaign to rebuild Iraq and keep up the development of the infrastructure.