Noora Factory – Karbala

Feasibility study of the investment project for the rehabilitation and operation of the plant


About the project:

Location: 11 km away from center of the holy city of Karbala, and 120 km away from province of Baghdad.

Total factory area: 195000 square meters.

The building area: 16,500 square meters.

Founded: in 1985 by Polimix Polonica

Construction contact:  400 000 tons annually and 4 production lines.

However,  2 lines of furnaces and accessories were transferred to the sodium carbonate project in Anbar province – Falluja, bringing the design capacity to 200,000 annually. But after the fall of the system, the Ministry of Industry and Minerals in 2013 to return all parts and accessories to the plant, but so far inside the factory as broken and without installation. As for the availability of labor force, the work is located in an urban area containing a large number of public and specialized hands. There are now technical cadres, trained workers, long technical expertise and various technical, administrative and accounting specialties. As for the main raw materials, limestone is available locally.