Company Specialized Services


  • Design and implementation of various buildings, the most important of which are residential complexes, buildings, schools, hotels, health centers, industrial parks, refrigerated and regular warehouses.
  • Processing and operation of electric switching stations and low, medium and high-pressure lines.
  • Installing the generators of all sizes and the best labor originators ranging from (20 – 2000) kV.
  • Establish drinking water purification plants and equip all their equipment
  • Construction of pumping stations of heavy water, sewerage and the processing of all its equipment
  • Preparing ready-made concrete and delivering it to the work site in the projects
  • The various road works include planning, settlement, tiling, and the work of middle and ground
  • Implementing various rehabilitation projects for buildings and service facilities, including the rehabilitation of buildings damaged by the recent circumstances in Iraq.
  • Design and implementation of heating and cooling systems and the processing of all their requirements including the central cooling devices of various capacities sizes.
  • Rent cars of different types of armored cars, machinery and heavy machinery.
  • Design and implementation of various works of decoration and the work of inscriptions Islamic and Moroccan houses, departments, laboratories, hotels, hospitals, schools, conference rooms and government buildings.
  • Supplying all kinds of building materials, machines, machinery, equipment, and furniture.
  • Design, implementation, and processing of fixed and mobile caravans for various uses.
  • Providing all the supplies of schools, colleges, health centers and hospitals.
  • Processing, installation, and operation of electronic surveillance and protection systems (cameras) and the Internet and communications systems.
  • The company organizes training courses for the public sector, institutions and the private sector in the fields of (oil and energy – administration and regulation – financial and banking – legal courses) inside and outside the country

The company owns the equipment and mechanisms for construction works, saving time and effort to complete the projects as quickly and accurately as possible.

Company activity


To carry out the general contracting work, which includes all engineering works and under the supervision of engineering cadres that are competent according to the international standards, which include the architecture, including, in particular, the preparation of the full drawings to draw the clear developments on the reality of origin, civil and all the construction works from the development of plans that will transform the perceptions into reality and the highest degree of accuracy as well as the work of sanitary engineering in terms of healthy water networks and the establishment of sewage and electrical work, which includes the extension of electricity networks and the processing of generators of all types and sizes, It’s equipment and machinery.